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My name is Marty and I'm here to party.
Oh, and why Mass. Murdera? That was my rap name in 7th grade way back in '99. Get it? I'm from Massachusetts? Oh, yeah? Well fuck you, I still think that shit was pretty clever. I may have peaked in the 7th grade. So what?


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this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

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Fall So Hard

Throwback Thursday/Happy Birthday to my big brother,Charlie. My favorite picture of him ever is him trying to dunk a ball and absolutely eating it, thus proving my Senior thesis that white men cant jump. I can never post this picture enough. Remember when Conan O’Brien got access to the Walker Texas Ranger clips/vault and would randomly pull a lever to play a clip from that show? I kind of want to do that with this photo every now and then.

"out of stock": GOD DAMN IT!

but yeah, I’m getting this ASAP for my Delorean Honda Civic.

Bill Burr talks with Jim Norton about ‘the Philadelphia Rant’

Burr’s Philly Rant is an all-time classic in comedy. I watch that clip at least once a month. Burr talking about the dude giving him the finger after the set yelling, ‘fuck you!’ and Burr telling the guy he can’t hear him repeatedly is too funny.

Great podcast. The moment that they start talking about Patrice O’Neal giving shit to Norton about meeting Andrew Dice Clay and imitating him made me lose it. 

Bill Hader gives some quality book recommendations. My tastes line up a lot with his. He’s also adapting Charles Portis’ ‘the Dog of the South’ with Greg Mottolla (Superbad; Adventureland). Makes sense for why he singles that one out.


If Daenerys went to Starbucks… [via]

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I am a historian and this is how it happened.

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Matt Johnson: ”There is no better time for a Tinder photo than with your nieces & nephews … at a children’s burial.”

really digging John Oliver’s show and the HBO treatment of it all. It being on once a week for 30 minutes makes it real easy to carve out time for.

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