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My name is Marty and I'm here to party.
Oh, and why Mass. Murdera? That was my rap name in 7th grade way back in '99. Get it? I'm from Massachusetts? Oh, yeah? Well fuck you, I still think that shit was pretty clever. I may have peaked in the 7th grade. So what?


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"Best. Missing Persons Ad. Ever." -@BobbyBigWheel

"just a reminder that clippers owner donald sterling has the funniest deposition in the history of law"-@ShutUpAndrosky

Donald Sterling=all-time great asshole owner.

We are grossly overdue for a TV show about an asshole owner. A combination of James Dolan (NY Knicks), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys), George Steinbrenner (NY Yankees), Jeffrey Loria (Miami Marlins), and Snyder (Washington Redskins)


In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


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You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ

Oh, wow.

This Smashmouth “All-Star”/Beatles “Imagine” mashup song has me in tears.This might be the first time I’ve listened to “Imagine” in the last decade and not wanted to annihilate everything.

Liked the premiere a lot. It sticks somewhat closely to the movie with some characters, its tone, setting, and sense of humor. I hear it only gets better and becomes its own thing from then on out.

Billy Bob Thornton’s character is great: loved the phone call he made to a kid and to a hotel worker. He’s basically the Joker in the way he fucks with people and is an agent of chaos. It’s fun to see.

Enjoyable read. This was released yesterday when I’m midway through Elmore Leonard’s ‘LaBrava’. I heard that and ‘Swag’ are considered his 2 best novels. So I started with those two. ‘Swag’ is really good: cool, great dialogue. You can see where it inspired Quentin Tarantino in areas.

My goal is to maybe check out 1 Elmore Leonard novel a year.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha at the engineer sticking his foot out to kick the kid in the face.

Pretty awesome comic book series: Undercover FBI agent at an Indian Reservation/casino.

'Gone Girl' trailer

David Fincher directs, Gillian Flynn writes, Ben Affleck is the lead. Really looking forward to this. Awesome book. I know the writer made a change, probably to the end, that people might like or have ‘wanted’ or whatever.


Watch: Sigur Ros’ cameo on ‘Game of Thrones’ last night | Hitfix

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